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We offer a wide range physiological sensors for biofeedback, neurofeedback, and research. Our high quality NeXus sensors with carbon coated cables and medical grade connectors, provide very accurate and reliable measurements.

We offer a solution for almost every biofeedback and neurofeedback application.

The EXG Sensor is a dual channel sensor that delivers 2 signals of EEG, sEMG, ECG, EOG, or any combination.
The EXG Sensor TP offers two channels for touch proof (TP) connections electrodes for EEG or EMG.
The NeXus EEG HeadSet provides a quick and easy solution for neurofeedback training and EEG measurements.
The Respiration Sensor is used to monitor abdominal or thoracical breathing, in biofeedback applications.
The Skin Conductance Sensor measures sweat gland activity on the hand.
The Temperature Sensor measures very small temperature changes in the peripheral extremities.
The BVP Sensor is used for measuring Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) and Heart Rate (HR)
The BVP Head Sensor is used to measure relative blood flow and is placed on the Arteria Temporalis.
The HEG Sensor measures the (relative) blood flow inside the brain.
The SCP Sensor has been especially designed for measuring Slow Cortical Potentials.
The Oximetry Sensor measures the relative amount of oxygen saturation present in the blood (SpO2).
The EMG Rectal Sensor measures the EMG activity of the rectal sphincter muscle.
The EMG Vaginal Sensor measures the EMG activity of the pelvic floor muscles.
The Force Sensor is used to measure a force, like weight or pressure.
The Accelerometer measures accelerations (g) along 3 axis’s (x,y,z).