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Introduction to Biofeedback Course in The Netherlands

Mind Media presents a 2-Day Introduction to Biofeedback Course in The Netherlands.

May 6-7, 2016
Herten-Roermond, The Netherlands
Price: €499

Our 2-day course is suitable for healthcare professionals interested in adding biofeedback techniques to their treatments. This biofeedback course focuses on doing biofeedback training with NeXus by Mind Media systems. We offer this course in English.

 Learn more about:

  • Basic biofeedback knowledge, expandable with in-depth specific master classes
  • How to measure physiological signals like EMG, heart rate, skin conductance, temperature and respiration
  • A short introduction to HRV and stress profiling
  • How to add biofeedback to your clinical practice
  • What applications benefit from biofeedback, how to set up a training and your role as a biofeedback therapist
  • Hands-on experience with the NeXus systems and BioTrace+ software



Drs. D.M. Matto, NIP / BCIA
Kracht door Balans


I.B. Verstegen MSc, NIP / BCN
De Verstegen Kliniek

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