Why NeXus?

The NeXus technology enables the optimization of stress management (before and during peak performance) and the optimization of mental focus and concentration. This is achieved by measuring the various signals from the autonomic and central nervous system and using them in a live training session where they are "fed-back".

NeXus technology and BioTrace+ software from Mind Media enable training and fine-tuning of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and the autonomic and central nervous system, to improve mental focus and emotional self-regulation during those moments where every millisecond counts!


NeXus systems:

  • are multimodal for biofeedback, neurofeedback, and physiological monitoring;
  • are small, portable and communicate wirelessly through bluetooth with very accurate signal recording;
  • are flexible and provides easy step-by-step recording which can be used for dedicated peak performance training;
  • allow in-the -field measurement or simulated feedback like videos to simulate competitive performance;
  • can plot information in comparison to actual progress made from start to finish;
  • supports a wide range of sensors for signals and applications like EEG (brain waves), HRV/ ECG (heart rate), respiration, EMG (muscle tension), skin conductance, bloodflow, reaction time. force, and acceleration.