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Science & Research

Our data acquisition systems are used in the fields of psychophysiology, neurophysiology and neuroscience. With NeXus we offer a tool to monitor ones physiological activity as a response to certain events, stress, performance, driving, music, art, language, products, advertisements, etc. Hundreds of universities, hospitals, and research centers are using our solutions for measuring health, performance, and behavior. We offer systems with 4, 10, or 32 input channels which can be synchronized with external events, video and stimuli.

The NeXus product line support the following signals:

Electrophysiological Peripheral
- (Q)EEG
- sEMG
- P300
- GSR/ Skin Conductance
- Temperature
- Blood volume pulse
- Respiration
- SpO2
- Force
- Accelerometry

Our NeXus systems are built conform the highest quality standards and can be used for a very wide range of modalities. Some key features are:

  • Active noise cancelation technology for very clean signals;
  • Movement artifact is virtually absent because of high quality carbon coated and actively shielded sensors;
  • Built-in universal DC-wideband amplifier which covers bio-potentials in the range of DC (0) to about 800 Hz;
  • Ultra High Impedance amplifiers (> 10^12 Ohm);
  • DC-EXG amplifiers constantly monitor electrode contact without any need for stopping or interrupting a session, significantly reducing the need for skin preparation.